Where are you driving your business?

Hosting is basically the place where your website information is stored so potential customers can access it any time.

It is often easier for the person who does the maintenance on your site to host or have access to your account.

We set these hosting accounts up with high security measures so not just anybody can get in to alter the contents, otherwise a hacker or possibly your competition could access your site and make changes or use your allotted amount of memory to do things you may not agree with.


If you don't feel comfortable or just don't have the knowledge to keep your site maintained, I recommend you have the same person responsible for the site development, hosting and domain renewal every year. It just keeps things much more organized.

Sometimes it happens that your site will be hosted by a separate entity from your regular maintenance person. For example, you can ask me to build and design a site and I would then send the files to you or the person doing the hosting for you. This might be a good option for you if you already maintain your existing site but need to alter the contents and don't have time or just want new content. I don't recommend this to most people because it just takes more time to get the work published and chances for errors are increased. If you have the software and knowledge to keep the site updated this may work fine for you. Ask about options available to you if you are interested in maintaining your own site.

$18.95 per month hosting. Pay for 1 year in advance and get one month free each year.

$20.00 per year domain name registration. (We can do this for you on an annual basis if you are a maintenance client.)

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