Where are you driving your business?
Let answer a few questions.
Request an audit of your existing site.

What your website should do.
It should be the simple interactive advertising tool that your potential customers expect it to be. Depending on your type of business or organization, it should steer customers toward your identity and goals. It should be updated often enough to keep the contents fresh and be polished enough to look professional. It should target your specific audience. You might think of some ways it could simplify your typical business transactions; answering questions, filling out forms, display statements about your business ethics or sending them to pertinent information relating to your goals.

What you may need to pay for

• Your domain name. A domain name is an important part of your business identity.
• A hosting fee. This fee covers the memory used in the "parking spot" of your site.
• Website design. First impressions are said to be the most lasting. You get what you pay for.
• Submission to the major web search engines. Customers need to be able to find your site.
• Annual maintenance of your site content and ranking (the order in which you come up in under the search words people will look for your product or service) in the search engines. Changes to your content.
• Graphic work on photographs and/or text.
• Any changes you want to make on the site.

What information and documents to prepare for a site
• Some clear photos with good contrast and content that detail your product or service. Keep them as simple as possible to clarify your message. If you have the photographs in a large format and you are unable to edit them for web use, put them on a disc in .jpg format and send them to your web designer.
• All wording you want to use to get your point across. Think about what you really have to offer, what you want to convey and what the potential customer may need. If you have a brochure or other handout material, use that information to think of what you may have missed.
• A basic idea of the layout for your entire website. Think of it as an org tree or file system that is easy to access and use.
• Link information for other sites. The search engines look kindly on sites that link to other pages.
• Theme and colors. Do you have a website that you like? What makes it appealing to you? Write these things down and use them throughout your site.
• Contact information for you and your business.
• A good concise statement conveying your product or service in a short paragraph.
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